In The End Is The Word


The Infinite Nothing

The SIxth Seal

The Fifth Seal

The Fourth Seal

The Third Seal

The Second Seal

The First Seal

If You Don't Kill Him, He Will Kill You

Re-presenting Hakka/Taiwan/Oriental/Michael's Image In Various Way

Porn Painting

HE comes from The Sky ... or The Sea

I Love You More Than Anything Else


Revaluation of All Values


Untitled - Hong Kong 2003

























¡§Dragon/Jormungand/Serpent/Imperiality/Devil/Chinese/Norwegian/Satan/God/Overman ¡K¡¨



¡§It's ours.¡¨
¡§No, it's ours.¡¨

¡§It's the God.¡¨

¡§It's the Devil¡¨

 ¡§We're the Descendants of Dragon!¡¨

¡§Yes, you're ... an idiot.¡¨

¡§You! Fucking white pig!¡¨

¡§Sorry man. But what is ¡§white¡¨? There's no white. So where's the ¡§white pig¡¨?¡¨

¡§Yes, there's no ¡§white ¡¨. ¡§White pig¡¨ is not a pig. ¡§White man¡¨ is not a man.¡¨

¡§There's no absolute Man and there's no absolute God, no absolute Devil.¡¨

¡§Then what the hell you are if there's no Man? I'm an absolute Man, a Chinese Man!¡¨

¡§Well ... you said you're the descendants of Dragon, right? So you're not a Man.¡¨

¡§Oh! You're right! We're the descendants of Dragon, so we're not an absolute Man!¡¨

¡§... ¡¨

¡§Haaa ... ¡¨

"There are no facts, only interpretation and ... may be ... Idiot or Overman ... Sorry, I should say that there are no facts, no idiots, no geniuses, no God, no Devil, no men, no women ... but ... is there any interpretation or there's no interpretation at all? ... And how about the ¡§no¡¨? ... "



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