The Fourth Seal

The Third Seal

The Second Seal

The First Seal

Porn Painting

HE comes from The Sky ... or The Sea

I Love You More Than Anything Else


Revaluation of All Values


Untitled - Hong Kong 2003
























It Would Be Better If You Have Never Been Born



The One
The Night
The Kiss
The Love
The Body
The Soul
The Nature
The Artifice
The Goodness
The Evilness
The Devil
and íK The Money

The Lust
The Gluttony
The Greed
The Sloth
The Wrath
The Envy
The Pride

Your One
Your Night
Your Kiss
Your Love
Your Body
Your Soul
Your Nature
Your Artifice
Your Goodness
Your Evilness
Your Devil
Your íK The Money

Your Lust
Your Gluttony
Your Greed
Your Sloth and Your Wrath
Your Pride and Your Envy

You Fuck
Your $hadow

The Contention and The Robbery
The Violence and The Banditry
The Perversion and The Chaos
The Envy and The Hatred
The Desires and The Betrayal

Your Contention and Your Robbery
Your Violence and Your Banditry
Your Perversion and Your Chaos
Your Envy and Your Hatred
Your Desires and Your Betrayal

Follow Him
Follow You
Follow it
Follow Yours
Follow This or following That
Follow the fucking Who

Did He Choose You
or Did You Choose Him

Why it is You
Why it is Me
Why it has to be You
and Why it has to be Me

One of you is a devil
or He is the Devil
or All of us are the Devil

You are the One, the Fucking One
His Last Supper
Your Last Meal
His Last Night
... and Your Last Night
Your Last Night to Fuck
Your Last fucking Night

Entered into Him
Entered into You
Entered into the Devil

Do it quickly
Just do it and do it quickly
Do quickly what You want to do
Do quickly what You have to do
in Your fucking Life

Eat Him, Chew Him, Drink Him, Lick Him, Fuck Him
$teal Him and Hand Him over, Hang Him, Disembowel Him and Finish Him

What the fucking hell are You doing
What the fucking hell are You doing here

You have no free will
He has no free will
Everyone has no free will

It would be better for You if You had never been born
It would be better for Him if You had never been born
It would be better for the whole world if You had never been born

Truly, truly, He says to You, You are not on your side
Truly, truly, You say to yourself, You are not on your side
Truly, truly, He says to You, You will betray yourself
Truly, truly, You say to yourself, You will betray yourself

Hang Yourself
Hang Your Soul
Hang Your Nature
Hang Your Essence
Hang Your Fucking Nature
Hang Your Fucking Essence

Finish Him
Finish Her
Finish Them
Finish You

Finish His fucking Life
Finish Her fucking Life
Finish Their fucking Lives
Finish Your fucking Life

Finish His appointed Task
Finish Your own appointed Task

Life Fuck$
Fuck Life

The Nature and the Essence
Your nature and Your essence

The Evil, The Devil
You Evil, You Devil
Your Evil, Your Devil
Your Shadow, His $hadow

The dark side of God and the dark side of You
He is Finished and You are Finished

Victory over Materialist World
Victory over $piritualist World




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