- Jonathan Thomson, "The Ordinary and the Extraordinary" Asian Art News, Vol. 14, No. 2, March/April 2004.


" ... The end wall of the first gallery is hung with a number of sheets of hand-made wallpaper by Tsang Kin Wah, printed in a repeat pattern reminiscent of William Morris but in rather nasty combination of pink, white, pale blue, and violet. Closer inspection reveals that it is not only the color scheme that is nasty. The whole sheet is overprinted with a diatribe of filthy language. It is not always easy to read - the words all run into one another and the lines are broken in an irregular sequence - yet it is clear enough. The enthusiastic repetition of the word fucking - fucking this, fucking that - every three or four words indicates that this is not your normal innocuous wall paper. Tsang's work is in fact among the strongest in the whole show as it addresses very interesting issues in a highly inventive way. He forces us to think about connections between art and language, between beauty, truth, and reality, and the role of the artist as maker of objects in a post-industrial society. His lively invective has the power to shock but it is not offensive - the shock is more akin to a jolt of recognition that this is powerfully expressive and effective art. ..."