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Ceramic Works (2000 - 2002)


泥 。土。地 ── 與人之精神性關連
Clay . Soil . Earth & Its Spiritual Relationship with Man


Many queer phenomena occurs in our society everyday and the behavior of the people are now becoming more and more weird, so I tried to focus on these and transform all these strange behavior into a certain kind of martial arts (kung fu) which would help to educate the people and make them capable to survive in this society. Each skill focuses on one part of our body. The classic and monument-liked form suggested this ever-existing weird society and, in some way, it still exists in our time.

混世神功 Super Magic Kung Fu

553.5 x 59 x 6.5 cm
墨染陶板 Inked stoneware plaque









One the work “Small Things, Big Issue”, TSANG Kin-wah, the artist mocks the problem and issues that everyone has to face in daily life with a comic approach. The thick and heavy pottery plaques coated with ink. The archaic colour tints and the humorous mundane themes perfectly match to inspire viewers to look at the issues of daily life from different angles and perhaps they would find a balance between colloquium and elegance.


大小二事 Small Things, Big Issue

@189.5 x 23 cm
墨染陶板 Inked stoneware plaque







人最終雖會脫離現世, 斷絕一切之連繫,然而他的所作所為,卻仍會殘存於世,留待後來者恣意的審定。

Though we will eventually escape from the present world and cut off all our connections with it, everything that we did would still remain shabbily in it and let all the coming generations to criticize and judge about what we should be as they like.



528 x 25.7 x 11.8 cm
墨染陶板 Inked stoneware plaque



台階 Stage

75 x 83 x 14.5 cm
墨染陶板 Inked stoneware plaque



橋道 Path

146 x 16.7 x 7 cm
墨染陶板 Inked stoneware plaque